Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Are you Doing?

One word: Twitter. 

While it's a catchy little word, and makes me think of the lyrics "all the little birdies going tweet, tweet, tweet"- I do not think that Ray is going to be tweeting anytime soon. 

In an attempt to phase out social networking in order to focus more on my future and life decisions, I shouldn't add twitter to my list of obsessions. 

I've held off this long, I think I've convinced myself that I don't need it. 

Are you on twitter? Maybe it'd help me network? 

1 comment:

To Be Announced said...

I'm not.. but I've heard that resturants and stores put discounts and coupons on twitter... which I may look into once I have money to spend.. and that yesterday on the radio.. People in Iraq were using Twitter to organize protests (since they have no other way to organize) and so the government requested it not shut down to perform its normal maintanence for this reason.. so as opposed to fb and myspace.. maybe twitter has some real potential.. who knows