Monday, June 08, 2009


I have been wanting a puppy for the longest time-which may come as a surprise to most. If you've ever been around me while a dog is present, I usually run in the other direction. It's no secret, I am terrified of large dogs. I have narrowed it down to two possible incidents that have scarred me for life. 

When I was in kindergarten I had this best friend named Chris. If I remember correctly, Chris had a dog- either that or Chris' neighbor had a dog. One summer day I spent the night at his house. I remember that we were making smores and we were going to camp in the backyard at his house. One of us thought it was a good idea to climb the fence and before I knew it, a huge dog sunk his teeth into my beefy butt. It was painful and I cried. 

Growing up my next door neighbor and I were best friends. Many may remember us as "peas and carrots" as her grandparents always referred to us. She had a very friendly dog growing up named Sandy. Annie also had the coolest tire swing known to man in her back yard. Annie and I would play on the tire swing all the time. It was connected to this huge tree house that she had in her back yard. Think about the cool tree houses that you see in the movies, etc. - that's the kind Annie had. Wow, now that I'm writing about it- that tree house is a huge part of my childhood. I had my first kiss there, my second kiss there, and probably my third. Anyways, the point of the story is that Annie would tell her dog Sandy to "sick" me while I was turning and turning on the tire swing. It would go so fast and I just remember the blurred image of the dogs growling teeth at me. 

Although I have always been afraid of dogs, I really want my very own. I think I may go and look for one this weekend. My ideal situation would be to rescue one from an animal hospital. I want to adopt a little dachshund and I want to name him Maxwell. 

I hope that he'll be as cute as this: 


Jo said...

I want a dog too but because of the hectic lifestyle I have it's almost impossible right now... :( But you should take one for sure! And please post some pics of Maxwell on your blog!

sarah said...

i think it makes the world of difference to have your own dog!! <3

i had my top lip ripped open by a pit bull when i was 6, but i think my family, being animal people, always surrounded me with more dogs, so i never grew up with any kind of fear.