Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm taking the world by storm, and I'm making my triumphant return to Sunday Scribbling-- This week... pilgrimage.

Coming to Korea was a pilgrimage in itself. I was always one of those kids to make lists. I always loved geography, and I always had a list of places I wanted to go. Originally, I wanted to see all of the Wonders of the World- but in 2007 that list was "modernized" and I had to start over. As a 7th grader, my list of 100 Places I Wanted to go Before I Died was invented (I should really find that list that next time I'm in Chicago at my parents house). Anyways, the point of my "list" story was to say that Korea (nor much of Asia) ever even made the long list. However, many many years later I still found myself on a fourteen hour plane to Seoul. It was something that I "had" to do- not because others were doing it, but I invested so much time and research that I actually wanted to do it.

As this journey in Seoul is now ending (some 18 months after it started) I'm waiting for my next pilgrimage. I've always been a dreamer, but the past four years I have really had the opportunity to make my dreams a reality. As cliche as it sounds, it's true. I wanted to fill the pages of my passport, I wanted to get a Master's degree, I wanted to teach, I wanted to go to a Presidential inauguration----- all things I can now say are done!

So, you may ask- What's next? I am going back to school in August to start a second Master's degree-- but before, the options are endless. Maybe the pyramids.... the great barrier reef..... GREECE. Wherever I go, I'll use that experience and the knowledge I gain for the rest of my life.


floreta said...

geez another masters! i'm hoping to get my first masters.. would LOVE to go back to school again. you've done a lot of things i wish/have yet to do..!

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful litany of accomplishments and desires.