Thursday, January 15, 2009

Come on KOREA!

I guess this rant is stemming from the fact that someone at work said that I didn't look like someone who would enjoy "camping" --- which is a false statement because I actually do enjoy camping among other "outdoor" activities.

So, somehow we got on this topic at work about choosing to live in a city over an island in the middle of nowhere kinda thing.... I said that I thought this particular city (Kuala Lumpur) was "boring" and I'd choose to live on one of the islands.... This is when one co-worker said, "but you look like a person who'd choose the boring city". Come on, really?! Why because I choose to dress decently for work? Just because I put on my stripped blue khakis from GAP, and neatly pressed Oxford shirt from Banana Republic, does not mean that I can't "rough" it.

This brings up the point I wanted to make, and my bitch fest for the night. So, if you want to play the game of "ohh what stereotype is he" --- like many at work like to do... then I guess you can call me the uptight well dressed guy?! You'd assume that this "uptight well dressed guy" would have a really snazzy apartment that smelled really nice. Oh the contrary my friend. For some reason, even though I'm an OCD clean freak, I have this absurd smell in my apartment. I've narrowed it down to 2 possible choices: one being that the water on my bathroom floor really never drains, or two --- the downpour of moisture on my windows through out the day is causing it? What do you think?

Either way. I guess stereotypes don't always live up to your expectations, ah?

And with that said, I'm going to go "rough" it and eat my pizza in bed.


To Be Announced said...

I don't like camping lol

ab said...

Maybe roughing it at a hotel with running water.

Can I hear some dueling guitars?

Just kidding.

That's good you like it though, SoKo R. Keep 'em guessing. Some Banana Repub. Gap. And a fishing hat with the little feathery things sticking out from it. Just kidding.

More blogs, keep them coming...

Amanda said...

It's not coming out of your drain is it? That's a common problem. Chuck some Draino down there - it's only a temporary help, but it usually does improve it for a bit. You can tell the Draino by the pics of the pipes on the front - the one I use is a white bottle with maybe red and blue writing.