Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cooking 101.

I do what I can with the little amount of space I have. Considering that I use a hot plate, and a toaster oven to make all of my meals-- I think I did a pretty good job cooking up a little taste from home early last week. Bon appetite!

First, I marinated and cooked the meat as I cut my fresh produce. I then drained the meat, and cooked the veggies. After the vegetables were cooked, I added the meat before I seasoned it all.

I think Joonho was surprised that it looked as good as it did!

It tasted almost as good as it looked on my plate.

The proud and overweight chef.


Aurora Borealis said...

Mmmm food pictures! I really like the first and last pictures!

floreta said...

that does look very yummy. i like the pictures of Joonho. great personality.