Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lucky Number 22.

I'm going to be home in 22 days!! wow!

That gives me 22 days to get this body into shape. So far things have been going good at the gym. I've been tracking my workouts in my notebook.

I'm logging:

1. The type of workout I did that night. Either cardio or weight training.

2. If cardio, I track how many laps I've recorded on the treadmill, the calories burned, and total time I ran.

3. If I'm doing weight training, I log what muscles I worked out and how many sets and reps I did.

4. I weigh myself.. and track that too. I'm sure many would frown against this. But I like doing it--- Regardless of what you think.

I already feel stronger, so that is a start!

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To Be Announced said...

I like weighing myself too.. it helps me stay motivated and so it is done excessively sometimes.. but whatever works for you is okay..