Thursday, December 04, 2008


Ah. I really despise people who blatantly lie and say that they came to Korea to "make a difference" or "change the world"... Let's face it. This is NOT a third world country, and when you have no debts that you have to pay at home, you can live like a king here.

I just find it hard to believe, based on the people I work with and have encountered in the 16.5 months that I've been here, that anyone chose to come here because they "wanted" to. I feel like most of us couldn't get jobs in America, and had that harsh realization that "hey, those student loans are due soon".

Money talks, especially when you need it. Just be honest, and admit that you're here for an easy life and a quick buck.

If you really wanted to "change the world" you would have joined the Peace Corp and helped children in Africa. Seriously.

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Amanda said...

Haha. Well, I came because I spent all my money kayaking. And I had a perfectly good job at home at the time. I did indeed come because I wanted to, but for sure not to save the world. I came because I was looking to travel for longer than a vacation and obviously needed a job to make that happen. I stayed because I love teaching and I haven't gotten around to wanting to go back to school long enough to get a degree to do it in many other places.