Monday, December 01, 2008


I've been reading a few of these that have popped up lately. It's random, but what the hell. I'm in a random mood.

The idea is to share sixteen things about yourself that most people probably do not know about you. I'm not really doing this for any of you readers, but I'm doing it for myself. It gives you a chance to step away from yourself, and look at yourself as a whole. You really have to open up, and sometimes sharing is hard. Here is my attempt:

16 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me:

1. I'm an over achiever. Nothing I do is ever "good" enough, or enough--- for that matter. I know that deep down it is, but I always feel in competition with the world. I'm not a jealous person though. I know that I've accomplished a lot for being 24 (I have a Master's degree, I've lived abroad for 1.5 years, I've traveled the world, I've interned in DC, attended an actual Presidential Inauguration and Ball....) Is it enough?

2. I'm scared that I'm never going to find "myself". 3 years ago, I was law school bound. I studied Political Science for my BA to prepare myself for law school. I studied for the LSAT. Took the LSAT, applied to law school.... Did I go to law school? Nope. I went for my MA in Public Administration. Where did I end up? Teaching English in South Korea.

3. I have no clue what I really want to be when I "grow" up. Sometimes I still feel so young. I mean, I just turned 24 in September. Other days, I feel like I should already have my "career". I guess I feel this way when I see on facebook that so and so has a new job, or is getting married, or having a baby.... etc.

4. I have goals and ambitions, but I don't know how to make them a reality. I know that I need to pay off my student loans and credit card debt, but some of my goals are to see the, that has been interfering with paying those off in their entirety.

5. I could probably be a professional student for my whole life. If I could put the effort that I put into "school" into other things (like losing weight) -- I'd be a knock out!

6. I finally got my own gym membership at the age of 24. Yes, I just got it last week, but I have gone to the gym 5 out of the past 6 days. That counts for something, right?!

7. When I was in high school, someone wrote "fag" on my locker in pencil. They were obviously too scared to write it in pen or marker. It ended up being a girl that did it. Luckily, my best friend in high school was a tough girl. That afternoon, I tried to pull Britni off the girl who wrote it as she practically threw her down the stairs.

8. I fell in love for the first time when I was twenty years ago. I was living in Washington DC at the time and my parents didn't know about it at the time. When I moved back home to Chicago, I drove all the way to Florida alone on fourth of July weekend to be with that person. It was wonderful, and I probably would have done it many more times.

9. I'm obsessed with trashy reality TV. Yes. I like them all: The Real World, America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, etc. etc. etc. Get over it, I still watch the news and I read the newspaper every day. I deserve some juicy gossip shows some nights!

10. If I could have a one night stand with any one in the world, I'd probably choose.....Hmm. Probably your average geeky guy on the street. Why choose a model, or someone famous. Why put that much pressure on yourself?

11. I probably spend more time in front of my computer in a week than I do sleeping. It's crazy how one object can become such a part of your life... especially when you live abroad. With the type of (www) there is so much I can do. I can pay my bills, even though I'm 6,000 miles away from home. I can convert and transfer money from the Korean Won to the dollar.... I can email, watch the news...update my blog... Email friends...

12. I absolutely hate: sticky floors, doorknobs, counter tops, olives, mushrooms, cottage cheese, SOCKS, most kinds of fish, and usually large groups of 8 or more.

13. I get really crabby when I'm hungry. This has been pointed out many times to me. My one friend Ivania used to bring a snack for me in her purse when we'd hang out. If we were going to be gone for a long time, she'd make me stop and buy an apple to eat along the way too.

14. I haven't seen my family or friends since August 19th 2007. Soon to be 16 months. Before this, the longest I ever went was 2 months and this was in graduate school. At that point, I couldn't believe it had been 2 months. In 23 days, I will get to see them and it should be pretty amazing.

15. I'm the oldest of 3 children. I have 2 siblings: my brother is 21, and my sister just turned 13. My parents are both 42. Yes, you read it right. FORTY-TWO. Some people don't understand or believe this. When I moved into my residence hall freshman year of college, my parents were the same age as my roommates OLDEST sister.

16. I hate fighting with people. I hate when people don't like me. I hate being talked about. I hate being lied to. If you lie to me, I usually find out. I'm pretty real, and usually genuine. I hate doing all the work, and I want someone to meet me half way.

So, there you have it. If you so choose, after you read this, I'd love to read 16 things about you.

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