Monday, September 08, 2008


I've come to realize, that my social network literally consists of gmail chat, and facebook... occasionally skype... and sometimes a webcam.

My lack of socializing in Seoul really needs to change. I'm not sure I can have another weekend like I've been having.

Maybe I need to talk to someone, professionally.

oh well.


Aurora B said...

I like your blog's new look! (Although obviously it is always good to get out in the real world rather than be leashed to your computer... we all suffer that same problem.)

To Be Announced said...

lol and at least you get to go out and travel the world.. Austalia plans? Aren't you off visiting somewhere right now... I swear I'm not jealous (hear the sarcasm)

Miss Wiese said... least you're in a different country, mine consists of the same and I live in the US.............

Amanda said...

Come out tomorrow for quiz. I am even willing to charge you a beer to talk to me ;)

On a serious note - it's easy when you live in a country where you are isolated by language from most locals and by distance from family and friends to feel lonely and spend far more time on the computer than normal. However, it's fairly easy to get out of - just start planning tons of random outings.

Or make Jenn plan them for you. That's what I do ;)