Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beijing Photo Montage.

Reliving the experience...... one picture at a time.....
Picture 1 --- They had these beautiful pots full of leaves and flowers at one of the parks we wondered. This happened to be the only flower in that pot.
Picture 2 --- Me at Beihei Park in Beijing... I was happy because I had just found a shop that sold nothing but Leather. Lets just say that my credit card got a huge "workout"
Picture 3 --- Bell Tower. Unfortunately we couldn't go up.... it was closed because of that crazy Chinese guy that stabbed an American at the Olympics, and then jumped to his death. boo.
Picture 4 --- Temple of Heaven. It was pretty cool.. the different types of architecture.. it was a huge place, this is simply 1 shot from that morning...
Picture 5 --- Tianenman Square. Where the legendary picture of Chairman Mao hangs. It's a really neat area of Beijing!
Picture 6 --- The Forbidden City, I took that shot from atop a mountain at the park across the street. The palaces are surrounded by a mote. I loved it from above.
Picture 7 --- Me and my ticket to the Paralympics. It may not be a big deal to you. But to stand and roam free in the Olympic Village was pretty damn amazing!
Picture 8 --- The Cube ---- where Michael Phelps made Olmypic History on 8 different ocassions.
Picture 9 --- Birds Nest. It doesn't get any more real or closer than that, folks!
Picture 10 --- My 24th birthday on the wall. Words can't describe the feeling you get!
Picture 11 --- Great Wall
Picutre 12 --- The Mutinayu part of the Great Wall. The wall is separated into 3 major sections. We climbed the middle part.
Picture 13 --- Dinner before Beijing to celebrate with my good friends here in Seoul.

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