Monday, May 12, 2008

Times a Changin'

5 years ago, as a college freshman in Weck Hall, I used the internet simply for AOL instant messanger, yahoo, and keeping up on the latest gossip with my friends. Oh, and the occasional paper or assignment too ofcourse!

3 years ago, as a Junior living in Washington DC, I used the internet still for AOL, and studying, but also for researching and reading the news.

1 year ago, as I graduated with my Master's Degree in Public Administration, I was using the internet to still gossip on AIM with my friends, but also to search for jobs, and to get my resume out there as much as possible.

Today, I am happy to say that I really DO NOT use AIM nearly as much as I use to 5 years ago. Isn't that an amazing revolution. As much as I miss my friends from home, I'd much rather write them an email, then have an hour long conversation on aim. AIM lacks SOOOO much for me. I'd also much rather buy a 20 dollar phone card and find the best time to call them over the phone (even though there is a 15 hour time difference).....

There was three reasons for writing this blog.
A- I couldn't believe that 5 years ago I was in college.
B- I couldn't believe HOW addicted to AIM I was..
C- I really missed some of my friends from home (Celia, we have to set up a phone date, stat).

I always feel nostalgic in some way when I realize that I can let go of something, or that I can completely move on from a certain place or thing. Also, I'm quite aware how much I've neglected my blog recently. But, I did have a spectular weekend in Shanghai, CHINA last weekend. I also really enjoyed myself at my bf's brothers wedding this past weekend.

Enjoy some pictures.... Maybe this will spark my triumphant return to blogger.

Ivania and I with Joonho and Jaewon and Joonho's parents......

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cloggn02 said...

I'm glad you had fun in Shanghai! Doc and I really want to explore Asia while we're here, and so close! We will be living here for 3 years, so we have lots of time!! I miss you very much Ray, I'm glad to see you writing more often! :)