Sunday, October 14, 2007

weekend tidbits.

Just a brief recap of my weekend!

Friday was Sophie's last night in Korea so we all went to dinner and for a few beers to give her a proper send off. I came home relatively early and just watched tv for the rest of the night, I think the fact that I went out on Tuesday and Thursday night had finally caught up with me... or maybe the fact that I worked 45 hours last week. You do the math.

Saturday I met up with my German friend Christof that I met a few weeks back and I finally go to the go to the Korean War Memorial and Museum. I wish we could have spent more time there, we got a late start and it closed at 6, so I'll definitely be going again since the place was huge!

This was the huge statue outside of the museum- it's the statue of brothers.

Another really amazing statue, I couldn't stop staring at it. The detail and expressions were just so incredible.

I took a lot of pictures there so if you really want to see them all make sure to check out my facebook!

Today, Won and I went to Wolmido Island located on the Yellow Sea. I was excited to say that I've been to another Sea. I really want to get to the East Sea where it's suppose to be quite beautiful, but I might have to wait until the Spring. boo! Anyways, we ate crab stew and took the ferry to the island and had coffee while over looking the yellow sea. It was a beautiful and great day overall!

Me eating the crab stew... or playing with it.

The seagulls followed the ferry all the way to the island- they just wouldn't go away! (That's the boardwalk in the distance...)

A far away view of the other side.... but nonetheless it's the Yellow Sea. If you didn't know the Yellow Sea became known as the Yellow Sea because of the old tale that the sand storms from China would blow towards Korea, and ultimately make the Sea look Yellow.

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Aurora Borealis said...

The Korean War Memorial Museum. Wow, that is definitely an experience. Think when you look back what you will be able to say you saw, did, experienced, learned, etc. etc. etc.