Saturday, October 13, 2007

random thought of the day...

what to do in 10 months?!?

You tell me.

Pick one of the following:

A. 3 year PhD program studying International Relations (probably on the East Coast)

B. 2 years in the Peace Corp (probably the South Pacific, like Micronesia or Fiji)

Cast your vote now.


To Be Announced said...
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To Be Announced said...

Here's my thoughts before I cast my vote... Why not think about 5 years from now instead of just 10 months.. Will you have a job when you get done with option A or Option B? Will it be easier to find a job? Because in the end if you still are jobless than I think perhaps neither option will do

alwiese said...

Having a job doesn't have to be the ultimate goal. But I do agree that you should look much farther into the future and see the end goal...what steps are going to help you get there?

But why are there only two options and why do you have to decide now??

Just relax my friend.

I love you....Beyonce and Thailand. It's destiny........