Monday, October 15, 2007

As Requested...

I'm here teaching English, yet I never really write about my job. One of my friends really wanted to hear about how work was going as this is part of the SoKo experience as well. So here are my thoughts.....

Teaching has its highs and lows, and if you've ever worked with children before I think you'd completely understand that statement. Sometimes the kids are really great, and you can learn as much from them as they are learning from you. Other times you are absolutely amazed at how you can't stand a single one of them and you question why you're teaching them in the first place. Overall though, in my second month of teaching I'm starting to see how rewarding teaching can be.... this is especially true when I see my little 5 years and how they went from giving me blank stares having not the slightest clue what I was saying, to actually understanding and responding to their best ability!

The one thing that gets to me sometimes is my teaching schedule, especially on Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I teach 7 classes from 12:30-7:30 (which isn't awful at all) however, Tuesday and Thursday I teach 9 classes from 12:30-9:00 (and these days seem to drag on and drag on).

Lets see.. what else can I say about teaching. Sometimes it's frustrating when you think that you've done a great job explaining things and then you grade their workbooks and they get them all wrong. I question, is this my fault or theirs... or both? It's tough! 1/2 will get them all right, and then half will do awful. It's a battle, again, I'm sure most of my readers understand!

Anyways, unless anyone has specific questions, I'm going to call it a night!

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