Tuesday, October 02, 2007

K1 fighter. yep.

So, in the past week SO many people have mistaken me for this Russian K-1 martial arts fighter Emelianenko Fedor. It's been really weird. People at the bar, at the grocery store, on the street, etc. who barely speak English just will walk up and be like, "K-1 fighter, Fedor". It's pretty funny, especially since I'm not RUSSIAN, and I look nothing like him! I'll attach a photo!

In other news, it's Wednesday October 3rd. It's also the Korean Independence Day, and I have the day off of work. Thank god.

More to come later.....

Ok, maybe when I have my hair buzzed there is just a slight resemblance?!

1 comment:

alwiese said...

you kind of look like him!!!

Besides, K-1 fighters are sexy, right???