Wednesday, October 03, 2007

different strokes for different folks....

I definitely should be sleeping as it is 2 am here in the land of kimchi and soju, however, I constantly have things that I want to blog about but by the time I go and do it I hardly remember what I wanted to write about! That's why successful writers usually always carry a pen and a note pad with them, because they are constantly thinking and constantly coming up with ideas, names, etc. for their next book or screen play. Since I'm a famous blogger, I feel like I must from now on do the same!

It's weird how all my friends are in SUCH different places, but yet, everyone is going in such amazing directions! Amber is getting married in the Spring, Erin just got engaged, Lisa just had a BABY girl! Stephanie just got into medical school, Celia got a new car and has a really great job in the field that she actually went to school for, and Andrea is studying in Istanbul! I'm so happy for everyone, words really cannot even describe it!

As each new day approaches here, I'm throw a new task or challenge that I have to figure out how to accomplish. Whether this is at work, or a language barrier in the store, or westerners drama in a freaking bar- challenges are always present!

I don't know what the point of this blog originally was, but I'm thinking about my future every single second of the day, and I'm just proud of those who have figured it out for themselves.

Miss you guys.

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