Sunday, September 16, 2007

what a "Seoul-ful" weekend!

Wow! I realized just now that I'm becoming my friends..... meaning, neglecting my blog to do other cool things- like exploring the country that is South Korea!

However, I do not want to fall into the "haven't updated in 2 weeks" category.

Since it's like 3 am, and I cannot sleep for some reason I'm going to post a few pictures from the weekend!

Expect a full and lengthy update in the morning.

I hope your "beast" of a laptop is working out well, download skype and we can webcam and talk for FREE!

And I think driving clear across Iowa was surely an awesome experience too. It would have been quite awesome if me, and Aurora, and "to be announced later" took a fabulous road trip! Hmm. Something to ponder over the next 11 months!

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To Be Announced said...

woo roadtrip!