Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Big Brother is watching... every where.

At first I didn't give much thought to it. Of course I was curious why there needed to be cameras in the classroom, especially considering I work in a small environment and with young kids. However, I now understand. Schools in Korea are not "schools" they are simply a business. All in all it doesn't matter if the kids learn a damn thing, all that matters is that the parents are happy and at the end of the day they sign up for the next month and pay the tuition.

I mean, sure while this keeps me employed, the whole idea just aggravates me. I have to write report cards on a monthly basis, and really it doesn't matter if the kid is a tyrant and has made your life hell, you still need to give them top marks so that their parents will resign them for the following month.

I guess all in all, this is part of life and most things are shady.

On to the more "fun" stuff.

Last Friday was my birthday. I'm now 23. It was a good night. We had a coworkers dinner with all the people I work with- we ate American food and it wasn't amazing, but drinking until 6 am was great!

Saturday, I took the subway into Seoul and met up with some people I had met at my orientation. Before meeting up, I saw the entrance gates to Seoul and went to a really huge outdoor market. Upon meeting up with my friends, we took the cable car ride up the mountains to Seoul tower (the highest point in Seoul). It was a cloudy day and Seoul is full of smog (but the site was awesome overall). Later, we went to dinner and walked around Myeong-Dong (which is a really cool area of Seoul). I mean there was a GAP and a billboard with John Mayer on it! I was really happy!

Sunday, I met up with Ashley and we went to Yongsan (which has a huge electronics mall) -- we went to get digital cameras and microphones so we could get skype! Now that I have it, everyone else should download it so we can talk and video chat for free! (www.skype.com)

We bummed around Seoul most of the day, had coffee and started to plan out our vacation next week for Chusok.... and ended up going to Hondae that night (Hondae is an awesome area with a University and a ton of bars). I ate lots of traditional Korean food and drank mokolli (this korean alcohol that you drink out of a bowl that looks like foggy water).

There's a ton of pictures on both facebook and myspace so u should check them out! It's now Tuesday night, and I'm already wishing for the weekend. Teaching takes so much out of me...

I wish I could reply to AB and tell her about all the cool stuff that is in my car, but I don't even think I cleaned my car out before I moved to South Korea. How about the things in my back pack, will that work AB!?

Alright, peace out guys!

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