Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random observations in Korea.

1. McDonalds is McDonalds no matter where you area!
2. Korean coffee is amazing, lots of sugar, just like how I like it.
3. People throw their garbage out right on the street, which results in funny smells at time!
4. Korean men, straight or gay, are very affectionate and love to touch Americans.
5. I am the single most hairy being in South Korea.
6. I could use less work and more play.
7. Korean beer is actually good and cold!
8. South Korea is as bright as Times Square, makes me compare them often.

I've learned a few Korean words too!

1. Gam-sa-ham-ni-da: Thank you
2. mikchu- beer
3. Annyonghaseyo: Hello and Goodbye.

Someone needs to leave me some love so that I know people are reading! Thanks :)


Sarah C. said...

You and your McDonalds. I know what you can send me a Big Mac. Oh wait they now have one in Charleston. Take care.

To Be Announced said...

lol we're reading it.. very cool you're learning some korea..

Aurora Borealis said...

I love your top random facts - so insightful. And yes to reiterate we are reading it, keep it coming. It's the price you have to pay for being oh, NOT in Illinois.

Jovy said...

that is quite possibly the best list I've ever read