Wednesday, August 22, 2007

proper night out in Korea.....

Yesterday I had the day to myself. The school director said I could have a relaxing day to get over my jet lag and also to have time to finally unpack and clean my apartment.

I woke up early, and spent about 5 hours in the PC bang (internet cafe in Korea). Then I finally cleaned and unpacked and ate Korean McDonalds.. I had a Spicy Shanghai Chicken Burger. Ha, the menu here is so different, but it tasted really good!

I finally met up with Meg (my friend that I met on facebook who lives in Korea who is from South Africa). Her and her friend Jenna took me out to eat and then to a really cool bar where I met some other teachers from Texas, and England. Around 2 am, I ended up in a norebang (korean word for Kareoke). You pay like 20,000 won and you get a private room to yourself with alcohol. It makes singing a lot easier, cause you're only surrounded by your friends! Finally around 3:30 Meg and I stumbled back to my apartment, and I fell asleep to wake up at 8 to get ready to come to school to observe again today!

Overall, I think I'm going to have fun here- but I'm upset that I've yet to get internet or a phone in my apartement, and also that I have no tv. I better get these things soon, or I am probably going to get a on a plane back home! But probably not!

My stomach is feeling a tad off, and I am quite thirsty right now! So I'm going to run for some water. Hopefully today will go quickly. More to come!

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