Sunday, August 26, 2007

First weekend in SoKo

So, here I sit, 11:27 pm on Sunday night, my first weekend in Seoul is officially over. I downloaded some old episodes of Project Runway, and I am going to watch them until I fall asleep.

A brief recap for all of you that live in the past, since I live in the future!

The smartest thing I've done since moving to SoKo was making friends with a Korean. My new Korean friend is Won, he lives in Asan, which is about 20 minutes from me. He's 30, has a great job, speaks great English, and went to college at the University of Michigan. Both Friday night and today he took me to eat some good Korean food and showed me around. More on this later.

Last night I journeyed to Itaweon- a part of Seoul that is full of bars and clubs. I went there with Megan (the South African that I met on facebook a few months ago). Anyways, it ended up being quit interesting night, where I ended up taking a taxi back to my apt which cost roughly 50 dollars considering I live about 80 minutes outside of Seoul. To say the least, I was not a happy camper, but if you want details you know how to reach me!

Tomorrow, I have to be up and out by 8:30 to take the subway to Seoul for my orientation. I'm hoping to have some time afterwards to explore a little bit, although I'm sure I'll be rather tired.
With that said, its off to bed for me, let me know what everyone is up to!

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Aurora Borealis said...

Love to hear your accounts of everything -- keep 'em coming. Although some of what you mentioned was a little mysterious, but I hope to hear about everything in greater detail at a later date. It still cracks me up that it's Sunday night... prob. early Monday a.m. there. And it's only 11:00 Sunday morning here. You are so eager to live life you jet-setted to the future to do it. OK well talk to you later...