Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Living in the future is not everything that it's cut out to be, let me tell you! My friend Aurora wrote an amazingly funny blog about a mixed dialogue between House and Meredith Grey- I almost pissed myself- great work!

So, in my rarest form, I'm here today to deliver some more of my awesome observations of life in SoKo.

I think it's interesting that in SoKo it is illegal NOT to recycle your belongings. Of course, I did not learn this until my orientation yesterday and I have just been throwing everything into one bag. My questions is, since everyone just throws their trash onto the street corner anyways, how would they know who was recycling and who wasn't? I mean, are they going to pick through my trash and be like, "yes, we know that the resident in 732 had McDonalds last night- now we must go and prosecute him". Hmmm, that'd be fun, ah?

Also, it is totally immoral to throw your toliet paper into the toliet. Koreans wipe their asses and then dispose of the toliet paper into the garbage. Hmm, that would explain why public restrooms spell so fresh and clean! Yum! I think I will continue to throw my toliet paper in the toliet, hopefully I will not get executed.

Also, the American school system really has failed us! Everyone that I have met so far- from South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland- etc. etc. they allll speak many languages other than English. Most Americans can BARELY speak their own native language correctively. I was quite embarassed when everyone in orientation was discussing how many languages they could speak! I'm sure they would have been impressed with my amazing Spanish abilities learned from Millikin University, what do you guys think?

Anyways, what else? Oh, it's the Korean version of Thanksgiving at the end of September and I get 5 days off of work. I think I'm going to go to China with an American touring company and do the 4 day tour of Beijing- the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. Woo WOO! I'll let you know if that happens.

Ok, going to go for now! Comments please :)

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Aurora Borealis said...

Aurora B. says "Ah-So... The past allows for much reflection..." But so does the future apparently because you are full of insights. I just about spit my beer (Yes, Bud Light) onto the computer monitor. The toilet paper thing...and persecution...... hahahahahahahahaha!

Anyway glad you liked my post. I spent some time searching quotes from House and Greys that would somehow match up in a spliced kind of comment-response thing.

I thought it turned out well, and I'm glad I could knock your socks off, all the way into the FUTURE.

Watch out Michael J. Fox.

-Lots of Love.