Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I learned that the best time for me to blog is right when I get home from work because many of my lovely American lovers are still sleeping since I live in the "future".

I think it's really funny how one of my co-teachers who lives on my floor changed his itunes to say, "come over here Ray" --- since we both are on itunes and the files are like kinda shared. Just noticed that and made me laugh a bit!

So, I spent 3.5 hours at the school today doing lesson plans and getting things ready for my first day of teaching tomorrow. Let me say, Lesson plans suck and I feel pain for anyone who has had to do them. They are soo time consuming, and you have to think- I like to just go with the flow- is that a bad teaching method?

Anyways, I'm nervous and excited for tomorrow- we shall see what happens, I'll be sure to blog all about it!

In bad news, the China tour is completely full, so I'm on a mission to find an alternative trip during my vacation in September. Why does it have to be soooo expensive to travel out of SoKo. BLASPHEMY!

While I was showering I had all of these things that I wanted to say, and now I can't think..

OH! I found a Paris Baguette store close to my apartment, they sell delicious bread and delicious pastries. I had yet to see REAL bread until today. So I picked up a few of those, and plan to devour them all tonight. In addition, I went for ice cream with Won the other night and I found it interesting that they served us toast with our ice cream. Also, they put a cherry tomato on top, ironic. ha!

Also, since there is no bathroom, my entire bathroom floor get wet, therefore, any time I want to use the bathroom I usually have to get naked to avoid my pants or shorts getting wet!

Ok. my pastries are calling, and so is the project runway that I downloaded on itunes.

Happy Wednesday for those who are in the past!

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Aurora Borealis said...

Mmmmm... a cherry tomato on top of ice cream, and served with toast. So fun. Think of all your stories. Good job on the lesson planning. If you need any ideas look back to the past.

Anyway I can't wait for the weekend or some time in which I can wake up and maybe talk to you "live" instead of posting during the off-times.

Still, the internet is a FANTASTIC thing.

Go get 'em, Teacher Ray.