Sunday, January 21, 2007

weekend misery.

While most people look forward to the weekend because it is a release from school, work, etc. I absolutely despise the weekends. Not because I do not like having a break from school, but because I dread what the weekend brings to my apartment. For those of you who are not familiar, I am a 22 year old graduate student who lives with two transfer juniors who are out of control and not serious about school or life in general. On Wednesdays while I study and prepare for my Thursday classes, roommate A and roommate B are mostly likely drunk and blasting the music in the living room until 6 am. I cannot remember the last weekend I've spent here where I actually slept completely through the night.

Last night I attempted bed at 2 am. Around 3 am, Roommate A comes home - when he's drunk he likes to slam the doors in the apartment and raid the fridge for food- even if it isn't his. So obviously I was awoken. Around 4 am, after successfully falling asleep Roommate B decides to come home and bring along numerous guests. The apartment quickly filled with loud noises, smoke, and blaring music. It was around 6 am that I finally fell back asleep.

While I understand that its the weekend, there is a difference between going out and having fun and then coming home to go to bed, and another coming home and then continue your night until 6 am. I have decided that coming here was a bad decision- this school is not only full of party goers any night of the week but full of disrespectful people. Maybe I'm being silly, but I'm sure not everywhere is like this.

I've finally after four years have learned my lesson, I need to live alone in my own apartment. And after this semester that is exactly what I plan to do.

Lets see what this Saturday has in store for me....

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CantStopNow7913 said...

you didn't know you needed to live alone after all the fun roommates at Millikin?!?! I mean come on now.. football players need I say more?