Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Food for Thought:

So tonight I finally got settled and started to do my readings for my congress seminar tomorrow night. It was then that I had this idea that grad school is becoming a tad bit boring. While I am learning more about myself and my future ambitions, the material seems to just repeat itself on a weekly basis.

Instead of continually reading, why not add the element of debate. I mean, not sit in a circle and yell at each other, but actual like debate. There is tons of debate in the actual Congress, and I feel like we've done are BS work the four years that we are in college- let us take our skills and apply it to real life scenarios.

Lets debate policies...Something like, "this bill is being presented on the floor of the Senate, what do you guys think" --- pros/cons. why should it pass? Why is it that the Democrats will probably shoot it down, or why is it that the Republicans will support it? Is it worthy of the Presidents veto power, etc. I mean at this point in our educational careers we should understand, seeing how we have degrees in Political Science, how the veto power works, etc. I do not need to read about what it is and how its used! I learned that in undergrad!

I'm not trying to sound like "I'm too good to be here" -- because thats not the case at all- I'm just ready for something new!

So when I become a teacher, if I decide to get my PHD after this MA program- that is how I'm going to conduct my first class. What do you think?

Tell me, thanks!


alwiese said...

You make me smile too!

audrey said...

I whole-heartedly agree, debated is needed. It would nice to know that the skills I learn in undergrad school will actually be used somewhere...