Tuesday, December 26, 2006

merry. merry.

So Xmas is over. It's really funny when you think about, months prior to the actual day people are anxiously shopping and preparing. We await for this one day of the year, and then it comes as quickly as it goes.

This year it did not really even feel like Christmas to me. Maybe part of it is due to global warming and the fact that I've only worn my winter coat a hand full of times so far this winter. Also, maybe its just me getting older. Geez... if I'm becoming a scrooge now I cannot even imagine what I will be like in 10 years! Hmm.

Anticipation sucks in general. The days leading up to the end of the semester, or a holiday, or a vacation.. etc. etc.

On a lighter note, I was happy with my gifts... and it was nice to see my family, even though many of them still treat me like I'm a child, and tend to forget that I'm 22 and working on a master's degree.. I guess that is part of growing up. But seriously, if I'm drinking a beer please do not ask me if my mom and dad are aware that I'm drinking that. SERIOUSLY!

Time to finish uploading music on my new ipod. Thank god I finally get to say goodbye to my shuffle. Yay for the nano.

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