Saturday, December 02, 2006

All the stars and boulevards...

About two hours ago I was happily sleeping in my bed, and now it's 6 am and I am ready for my latest rant.

After catching up on Celia's and Steph's blogs.. I decided it was time to update mine. As the semester is coming to a fast halt, I have been looking back on the past 3 months in grad school and it just shocks me, however, that is besides the point.

Being the lame poli sci student that I am, I have been thinking about the upcoming presidential election in 08. I read this longgggg article on the reasons and characters faults of Obama and why he should not get the nomination and it got me to thinking.

No matter who the President is, or what party he affiliates with, he or she (I mean, Hilary does have a fighting chance) has the same job. The President of the United States doesn't change based off of who wins office... It is because of this that I think we should look for very similar qualities in our Presidents.... There are certain duties that MUST be filled, and that takes certain experience and knowledge to usually do.. don't you think? While Obama is a great guy, and really has done a great job in the US Senate, lets be realistic, he's a baby.. A baby in the sense that he has not been in the political realm for all that long. He had a short stay here in the state Senate, and he's been a US Senator for 2 years. I understand that he has hopes and dreams, but I believe there is a time and a place for you to explore these "dreams". Obama is not going to be ready to run a country in 2 years. He has noooo foreign policy experience at all, how are you suppose to be head of an army or be able to declare war if you've never dealt with it before? I could probably go on for paragraphs and paragraphs but I'll stop.

I really admire Stephanie for her admit to diet again, I know you can do it. Maybe reading your updates on your blog will get me to try and be a little more energetic about getting into the gym and losing these awful pounds that I've put on from late night taco bell runs when I take study breaks!

As of the 12th of December I will be about done with this semester.. woo, that much closer to having a master's degree and hopefully becoming an urban planner!

What's left: A Summary of my planner...
1. My last problem set for research methods- due Tuesday
2. Presenting my paper on Monday for urban/city
3. Finishing my urban and city paper... I'm 2/3rds through.
4. Finishing my Public Org Theory Paper... also 2/3rd through.
5. Study for Research Methods final... and Public Org Theory.
6. My last analytical essay for urban/city.. due the 11th

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