Sunday, December 03, 2006


Heartburn.... stress. ouch.

So, I found the perfect summer job! And I must fill everyone in. Since I'll have my masters degree in the beginning of June, I applied to teach online classes through the University of Phoenix online. While the pay is not that great, the job in itself is pretty damn easy. I always am on my computer anyways, and I will be able to work at my own pace. Finally I can put my skills to the test and tell these kids that there shit is just decent! ha!

Don't forget "tis the season"

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Peter said...

Aww, come on, man. Take it more seriously than that. The classroom at University of Phoenix is made or broken by the faculty member and it it's up to all of us in there to treat that responsibility with respect.

I've been teaching at UOP for four years now and never, not once, has it been easy.

Hope your experience in the classroom is a good one.


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