Friday, October 20, 2006

A whole new start. um. yeah.

So, I wrote earlier how I let a professor and some other people get me to the point where I was doubting myself.

Half way into tonight after feeling sorry for myself and eating pizza and watching grey's anatomy on the couch, I realized that I'm soo much better than that.

After a trip to Walmart, 20 bucks spent on new cleaning supplies, and a really sweaty Ray.. I have a super clean apartment! I've decided instead of getting bummed out about stupid shit, I'm going to just keep this apartment clean- even if my roommates make that super hard to do!

So here's to a new beginning, yet again.... and I'm ringing in this new beginning with some lit candles, some fruit punch, and some peanut M&M's.. go ahead, be jealous :)

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