Monday, October 23, 2006

Never buy a Dell..... I'm warning you!

As I sit here in the computer lab for the third day in a row, I question why I ever bought a Dell, and why when the hard drive crashed two weeks after I moved to Washington DC to start the toughest six months academically of my life- why I just did not return it and buy a completely different system! I got a new DELL laptop in January of 2005, 1 week before I left for London... after my return, I moved to DC and within 10 days the system of my new laptop crashed. I have the LUCK I tell you. After 7 days of battling with Dell, my dad finally got them to send me a brand new computer.

Friday night I go to bed, and when I awake on Saturday morning my computer screen is completely black. WTF? I unplug the battery, replug it in, restart my computer several times, etc. I'm thinking to myself, did this damn hard drive crash again!?!? People tell you to never buy off brand computers like Emachines, which is what I bought in the fall of 2003. But let me just say, I sold that emachine to Kayla before I got my laptop and OHHH its still running great while my overpriced laptop is broke again.

So, my friend who works with computers explains that he thinks the cold cathode light- the display light that lights up the LCD screen went out. I call Dell, thinking something of that nature has got to be covered, and they tell me since my warranty expired there is shit that they can do! Wow Dell, thanks for that lovely techincal support.

I call Best buy, a day later, to find out that it'll cost about 400-600 dollars to fix my computer. To keep a long story short, yesterday I ordered a new laptop online from a toshiba that just came onto the market. Lets see if I can get this one to last a bit longer than that Dell. In the meantime, if you'd like a broken laptop that needs a new cathode light, let me know, and I'll sell it to you :)

P.S. University library sucks. and this computer hurts my eyes. I want to be in my bed with my computer. thanks. I hate you Dell.


DellCA said...


Hello, my name is Richard and I work for Dell here in Round Rock, TX. I would like to see if I may be of assistance to you. Please contact me at, place attention Richard B on the subject line.


Richard B
Dell Customer Advocate Associate

Anonymous said...

I love how dell starts to care only when you advise other people not to buy their shit. Not when you called and asked for help, not when it would have really been useful, but when they are afraid of losing money.
Dude, you're gettin a piece o shit