Wednesday, September 06, 2006

cough. cough. freaking COUGH.

Who ever invited viruses and just sickness in genernal can really go to hell... Why do I need to be punished and be this sick AGAIN? Hi, remember when I had strep throat at the end of June, I mean was that not enough pain and suffering for one summer?

Lets see.. I thought I was getting better. Last night I was starting to feel decent again, and then I went to bed and coughed all through the night. So five hours after laying my head on the pillow I'm wide awake and coughing like its my full time job!

I'm not looking for sympathy, but come on, it's been 5 days now...This sick shit is old news, its time to feel better so I can actually have some energy to be the serious student that I need to be. Actually..... maybe it's time that I make a Dr.'s appt.

I just want my mommy, or a really cute someone to come cuddle with. :(


Vince said...

I'll send Chris right over. I hear he is quite the cuddler!

Vince said...
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