Friday, September 08, 2006

Cellular Fun.

My favorite memory of Allison is when I use to live in DC and we would have nightly concerts over the phone at 3 am when my roommate would be sleeping. Atleast before I realized the US Cellular did not have towers in DC and I was on roaming. After that 300 dollar cell phone bill- those concerts got cut into really really hello's and good bye's.

It's such a funny story how Allison and I met. Despite the little falling out we had second semester, she's been one of my best friends for almost two years now. Well, as some of you know I worked at Applebee's during my college years, and over Thanksgiving break Allison came back from SIUC to work there too! I'll never forget the very first day I saw her - with that shiny name tag that read "Welcome Neighbors, I'm Allison" and those cute emo glasses. There was something about the way she washed the windows that always helped me to get a little buldge in my work pants every night. Either way, we worked together once or twice and I thought I was never ever going to see her again.

I went home to see my family for a few days, and when I returned some girl had given me this little note that Allison had left for me - basically it was went something like this "I've never met anyone with lips as "filling" as yours - email me at hansonfan@hotmail and we can be BFF". I mean, who could ever refuse an offer like that. Within twenty four hours Allison and I were immediate best friends forever.

Even though there have been times that I have been a ridiculous prick to her for no reason, I will alway consider her one of my closet friends. Not only has she taught me words like "boo" and "Boo bear" she introduced me to some of the coolest bands ever. "And Ohhhhhhhhhh the way, your make-up stains my pillow case" --- I mean, what would I have done if I would have never learned to sing Fall Out Boy in Allison's car?!?

Allison, I hope you read this - because I think you're one of the greatest people around, not only do you keep it real, you definitely keep it classy. Never let any stupid boys boss you around, because you're way to good for that. When I come to C-dale for my birthday lets eat some dq chicken fingers, have some Monicals, and make some mac and cheese... OK?!

Oh, and check out these HOT pics of one of the concerts we put on in the car.... Sexyback!!!


Vince said...

I can't believe I used to think you were cute.

AllyBaby said...

christ on a bicycle. i love that story. esp about the bulge in your work pants.... and yeah, Im also Paris Hilton

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