Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Real World.. How Real Is it?

As it is almost 3:30 am and I am still unable to fall asleep, aside from doing the massive amount of reading that I could be doing, I decided to go into some deep thought here.

This week I watched 23 episodes of Dawsons Creek- you all can laugh, that is fine. But, I have some sort of emotional connection to this show. Is it teen angst, I think not. Actually, I do not really know what I think anymore.

Anyways, I was thinking... Everyone has a favorite tv show, and everyone says that TV is not a realistic approach on life or life lessons. I want to dispute this- in a way, real life is just like it is on tv. I mean, lets take Dawsons Creek for example- these kids may have a much better vocabulary than I did at 15, but their problems just seem so real to me. As I watch this show I just constantly can relate it to my own life. Growing up next to Annie my whole life, being the kid that everyone made fun of, being the smart kid. etc. I can make a list. Its just all so real, as much as it is fake.

I think television shows should get a better rap then they really do. Maybe I sound crazy, but there is a huge level of realism that I think a lot of people look past....

I mean, as cheesy as it sounds, anyone that watches the show or did watch the show should understand me... there's a little bit of Joey Potter in all of us.

We grew up on the WB. Why knock it now?

P.S. I want to go to Chicago.. hmmm. I miss it.

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cvizzy613 said...

"...I think not. Actually, I do not really know what I think anymore. Anyways, I was thinking..."

LOL. You need some Tylenol PM or Lunesta or AM-Bien.

Kidding. Well you need some sleep at least. Bona fide graduate sleep.

You don't get paid 1.7 million dollars per episode of your life. And there isn't a little script you can hold in your hand which dictates how your situation of the moment will end or guarantees how everyone else around you will act when the scene is finally shot. Plus there aren't re-takes.

So I guess if anything life is one big blooper reel.

I AM your devil ;-)