Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Get this party started!

Despite the fact that I have been uber sick since Saturday night, I actually got out of bed today to attend class. What a shocker ah?!?

Anyways, before I start the tremendous amount of work I have to accomplish tonight, I really need to just rammble for a bit.

So, I started to read random blogs the other day, maybe because this pretty decent guy I met who is really interested in 34 year olds (but that's beside the point) has a huge list of blogs on his own blog. I came across this blog from a guy in DC... he flew to San Jose California and drove cross country back to DC. What amazed me about his blogging, wasn't that he went step by step of exactly what he did, but he was quite creative. He had pictures of the map route, random pics from his journey, and he'd talk about things such as the quality of the hotel, or the prices of gas in different cities, or where and what he had for breakfast. This may sound extremely lame to the average reader, but heck, I sat here for about an hour and was really engaged in this mans trip.

I guess after reading his blog, I really got to thinking... Driving to some is a pain in the ass- there's traffic, there's accidents, etc. To me driving is pretty calm and relaxing. I would definitely be interested in driving cross country. Just think about all the things you'd get to see that you would probably never put in the itinerary of your next family trip! So, mark my words, although I am much interested in continuing my travels abroad, sometime in the near future whether it is alone or not - I will journey across country.

Even though I am sick, today has been not so bad. I mean, I could have woken up to a gas leak in my apartment like others, but instead I got my first A on my first assignment as a Grad student!

Keep Rockin' out Cleveland :)

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Vince said...

"Pretty decent?" I can hardly contain myself after that!

Drew Carey