Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We might as well.

Even though I had one heck of a long day, I still find myself awake at 2:15 am. Tomorrow should be just as busy as today was. yay?

Sara came last night and then today we went to St. Louis, as we made the 120 (240 round trip) mile journey through rain and lots of dark clouds, it finally cleared up! We went up the arch and walked around the city and made our way to the casino- Sara won 25 dollars, I lost 20. I hate gambling and will never do it again!

Tonight we went to the movies and saw the new Lindsay Lohan movie, um, I do not recommend! End of story. Sara got pissed and decided to drive back to Indiana tonight- but I wont go in to details.

My grades were posted this afternoon too. Which was a shocker considering I just turned in my last paper yesterday. I guess when you're a senior, you get priority grades! Considering the crap I have gone through this semester and to be frank this whole entire year, I finished with a big bang!

World Religions in America - A
Legal Environment for Business- A
Senior Seminar on Liberty- A
The European Union - A-
Political Philosophy- B

I pulled a 3.74 for the semester, which is good enough for deans list! I'm not complaining!

Graduation is Sunday, and my parents will be here Saturday, and my room is still in need of packing. I found someone to sublease my room for June, so Im in great shape! Im out of this hell hole house on Monday, and off to my parents I will go!

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alwiese said...

Sounds wonderful! =)

Congrats on every level.

Love you!