Friday, May 12, 2006

Papers,exams, and packing, oh my!

So my last week as a college senior has been quite exciting!!

Besides from the studying and paper writing, I did enjoy the senior poli sci night at LSB. Ok, honestly, maybe I enjoyed myself too much.. I was definitely passed out in my bed by 11, however, I did start drinking at 5 pm. Go me! I realized that the people I go to school with are not as bad as I made them out to be originally. I really wish I would have gotten to know some of them more outside of the classroom. Sometimes I make friends with people quickly, and other times Im too shy to make friends with people, this is something that I really want to change about myself. I want to be one of those people that just makes friends with everyone. You can never lose with too many friends, now can you?

Wednesday was the poli sci bbq and unfortunately it rained.. I did still play sand volleyball in the pouring rain which was the most fun I had all semester. I ruined my new outfit that I had just bought too but I did have a really good time!

2 papers..... 2 horrible papers..... this is what seperates me from being officially done with college.

This week I've been pretty nostalgic, and I am pretty bummed that I'm going to grad school over law school - again my own fault.

I can't wait for Erin to be in Chicago for a whole freaking week! 4 more weeks! Last year at this exact time I was in Orlando with Sara visiting Erin. On May 11th 2005 we spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom!

On that note, I'm off to bed. I have atleast 6 hours of paper writing in the library tomorrow :)

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