Friday, May 19, 2006

Fast cash!

Today was a productive day, and I made some extra cash too. I sold my mini-fridge to one of my roomates for 25 bucks. I will not need it next year, and its silly to put it in storage, so that was a nice 25 dollar bonus. I also sold my printer that I used twice all year for twenty. Score.

Packing is going slowly, but I think I got rid of everything I do not plan to either move to my parents or move to storage. I went through my clothes, and made my way to Plato's Closet, for all of you who do not know what that is -- they buy your name brand clothes. Well, I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I never wear and they gave me like 45 dollars for that. Originally I was just going to throw the stuff away.

I met up with Celia tonight and we got some starbucks and dinner and then went to this indoor mini-golf/arcade. We schooled the place on how to play hotshot freaking basketball, between the two of us we set all the new high scores. ha!

Did I mention that packing is going slowly? I have to have the majority of my stuff done before Saturday morning. Blah.

Tomorrow is the senior picnic, then graduate practice is on Saturday, my parents will be here Saturday afternoon, then GRADUATION on Sunday. woo. I'm sure you knew that, but I'm staring to get excited :)

ok, more packing and bed for me. Night.

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