Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just Don't sweat the small stuff.

A friend of mine left me some advice that I really sat and thought about for a while.

I need to stop focusing on myself and the things I do, but I need to focus more of what others do, etc. I need to appreciate what I have and at the same time not worry about the little things that I let bother me so very much.

I do have great parents and a family that loves and supports me, I have great friends that are always looking out for me, and I have a boyfriend that does appreciate me and I need to cut him some slack sometime. I'm sorry everyone that I've been really different the past few weeks. I really need to get back into my own groove and focus on the world as a whole, not the world as just me!

This weekend was really great, being home was actually rewarding for me. I had a great day with my parents and my sister yesterday. We went for an awesome breakfast, drove to Chinatown, and then took the red line to Wrigley Field. I've never done that before, and it was REALLY awesome! Yes, the weather was a little misty and cold, but we still had an awesome time with good baseball food and over priced beer to go with it! After the game we went out for dinner and then I took a nap when we got home and watched two movies with my mom and dad. Today I got to sleep in, it was really nice not working on a Sunday! Gosh, I needed the money, but I also needed this away time!

Im headed back to school shortly here and I am more than ready to tackle the last week or two of class and prepare for graduation! 3 weeks from today I will be a college graduate!

The less I let the little stuff get to me, the more time I have to focus on all the good and wonderful things that surround me!

For my next post, Im really going to try to add some fun photos like Andrea always does! If you're reading this, teach me please!

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alwiese said...

There isn't anything to teach, I gurantee you already know everything you need to know. You know how to give of yourself and you already know how to love others. Isn't that what life is all about?

If you need me to teach you to post pictures, I can help with that ;-) But I know that's not what you meant. Love you, Andrea