Friday, July 09, 2010

I'm going to be a BIG brother!

Three months ago I interviewed for a volunteer position with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. This is an organization that I have always been fond of, and now that I have the extra time there wasn't anything keeping me from getting involved. After my interview, I was told that they would get in contact with me after they found me a match. I guess they really are cautious and considerate of everything that goes into the process, because three months later, they finally found a match for me!

Next Friday, July 16th, I get to meet my new little Brother. He's 8 years old and he seems pretty great. Katie, the match coordinator, told me that he's a bit shy at the get-go, but once he gets to know you he will talk to your ear off. I giggled and told her that I am the same way, and she told me that it'll be fun to see us fight for the stage. HA! He wears glasses and one of his wishes is that he could have windshield wipers on his glasses. Ahh! So creative!

Either way, I'm very excited to meet him and I will definitely blog about him, too!

Happy Friday!

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Rosalie said...

Hi Ray! I am the Marketing Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound. Just wanted to say welcome to the organization. Please keep us posted on your match!