Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things Change.

Almost 5 years ago, on my 21st birthday, my parents mailed me a case of bud light to the house I was living at in Decatur while a University student. Then, I thought that Bud Light was the single, greatest beer that ever existed. It was my beer of choice at all social gatherings, events, etc.

After I graduated and started working, I discovered my love for blue moon, wheat ales, and any type of micro brew out there. I guess I became a beer snob, and Bud Light became a beer of "my" past. I didn't even give it a second thought when I would run to the store after work to buy a six pack or when I'd ordered a beer to go with my tacos at Mi Pueb. Bud Light just didn't do it for me anymore.

Last night, in an attempt to have a drink but not leave my house, I cracked open a Bud Light that was left over from my dad's visit in April. My first impression after taking a large gulp a few years later, YUCK! How did I ever drink this stuff? That probably sounds ridiculous, but I didn't even finish the can and half of it went down the sink.

It's weird how beer can taste so different. While it has the same effect on you, wouldn't you rather drink something that tastes delicious?

I think I'll be sticking to Blue Moon and Micro brews from now on, but it was nice to dip my toes into the past just a little bit.

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