Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wallace Falls:

The weekend before I moved to Seattle from Seoul, I was roaming the local used book store and came across a book called, "Beyond Mt. Si: The Best Hikes within 85 miles of Seattle." The book definitely was a little outdated, and I wiped away the dust on the cover and read through the first few pages. I thought it was odd that there was an early 1990's hiking book at a small local bookstore in Seoul (but then again, I knew that it was a sign- this book was meant for me!) Either way, I bought the book and told myself that I would try to get through as many of these hikes as I could.

I've been living in Seattle since March (so not that long, but long enough that I've had plenty of weekends to crack open the book and get going on the hiking.) I woke up today, saw that the sky was pristine blue, and decided to head to Wallace Falls. I packed my backup, grabbed some water, and started on my way. My GPS led me toward the Cascade Mountains and onto highway 2 to get to Wallace Falls. When I got to Highway 2, it was blocked off by officers and cop cars. I guess there was a huge accident just up the road. Hmm. Since I'm fairly new to town, I still do not know my way around at all. I had to stop and get directions that would get me around the accident and blocked off road and somehow back onto highway 2. It all worked out, and 30 minutes later than I anticipated, I made it to Wallace Falls.

I've always thought hiking would be more fun in a group. Boy, was I so wrong. After having now done it in a group and on my own, it is most certainly a great activity on your own. I felt relaxed, was able to go my own pace, took time to reflect and think at certain points along the trail. All in all it was a perfect day. The weather was great, the view of the Falls was amazing, and I drove home feeling happy, sweaty, and accomplished. My new goal is to go on one hike a week- it'll be a great mind and body tool.

Some of my favorite shots from the day:

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Meridith Ewers said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I want to go hiking with you!!! I think I need to choose a place w/ more green space so I can venture out into the earthy unknown.