Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Seattle Slump..

Just like the Seattle Mariners, I find myself in a slump. While the Mariners lose game after game at Safeco Field, I waste weekend by weekend in lovely Kirkland, WA. Maybe it's because we've yet to see Spring here in the state of Washington, but I definitely have to do something other than go to Target and sit in my apartment on the computer all day.

I have a list a mile long of things I want to do and see here this summer. Of course, I have some lovely visitors coming in the upcoming weeks (so maybe I'm secretly waiting for them to come to get my ass in gear!) I want to go to the mountains, to the beach, on numerous hikes to waterfalls, to the San Juan islands, I want to take the Ferry Across the Pugent Sound (however, all of these activities are WEATHER permitting!) It's still snowing in the mountains and raining here on land. Who wants to be outside when it's 48 and raining?! Welcome to Seattle, right?!

Now that my apartment is the way I want it, and I finally have things how they need to be, it's time to find friends, to socialize, to network. I am determined to get myself out there (or at least I am today, we'll see if I feel the same way next week!)

Have you moved to a new city before? What advice do you have to offer to help me meet new people? It's different to move to a new city compared to moving away for college, or summer camp, or graduate school, or even Korea (where there were hundreds of people who also needed to make friends.) Moving to Seattle and living in the suburbs does not equate to "immediate friends and fun!" Who would have thought?!

All in all, things will get better. They have to get better, right?!


Estephania said...

You should see if Seattle has a Young Professionals group, or something similar. I joined one when I moved here, and it's a great way to meet people our age who are young, fun and want to be involved in their community. The Chamber of Commerce in your area should have resource info. for YP groups.

Good luck!

Ray said...

Thanks for the advice, Steph!

How's Iowa and work? I'd love to hear more about what you've been up to!

Estephania said...

Work and Iowa are good. :) I have not abandoned my blog. I have just been super busy with new responsibilities at the office and trying to get over morning sickness. I am feeling a lot better though, and I promise more updates soon! :)

Anonymous said...

If you wait for "good" weather in Seattle, you'll never do anything. Some of the best times to go out and about is during the wet, grey days. There will be fewer crowds, and the people you meet become more open when you are a bit wet.

Seattle also has quite a few clubs and activities to help connect with others.


• Bottom Dwellers - SCUBA Club
• Cheer Seattle
• Different Spokes - Bicycle Club
• Emerald City Softball Association
• Kings Wrestling Club
• Olympic Yacht Club
• Orca Swim Team
• OutVentures
• Seattle Front Runners
• Seattle Otters - Water Polo
• Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club
• Seattle Tennis Alliance
• Seattle X-Skate
• Ski Buddies
• Team Seattle
• Triangle Recreation Camp
• GPAC: Gender Public Advocacy Coalition
• Seattle Coalition for Sexual Minorities
• Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee
• Washington Stonewall Democrats
• Bend It Extravaganza - Arts Festival
• Gay Bingo
• Seattle Men's Chorus
• Three Dollar Bill Cinema - SLAG Film Festival

Anonymous said...

An afterwork cocktail party maybe?