Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seoul stop stealing my sunshine....

It never fails. When I'm stuck in the office all day and night the weather is gorgeous- warm, sunny, pollution and yellow dust free. When I have weekends to myself to get out and explore it's just the opposite- cold, windy, and the air is full of pollutants that make it near impossible to breathe.

This past weekend I had made a list of things I wanted to see and do in Seoul before I move to Seattle on the 24th. One of activities on the list included the secret garden at one of the palaces here that I have yet to visit. The weather report for the weekend called for blue skies and gorgeous temperatures. Seemed to me like a perfect time to go to a secret garden because honestly who wants to roam through gardens and palaces in the rain? Sunday morning rolled around and although I wanted to pull the covers over my head, I woke up to a blue sky. I ate lunch, took the subway to the other side of the city, realized I was too early for my 3:30 pm tour and decided to check out some other things while I waited.

3:00 pm rolls around and I am walking back to the palace for my tour and guess what? It starts raining, and the sky turns a dull grey. I put my head phones back on, run to seek shelter, and sip a latte as I wait for the rain to pass. As the rain continued, I realized I missed my tour and took the long, dreaded subway ride back to my apartment.

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Faith | said...

Oh, don't feel sad. There are some other time to tour around Seoul for the last time besides 24th is still one week away. :)