Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Quarantined Life: Days 1-3

The Quarantined Life: Day I

I arrived back to Seoul on Monday, September 7th at 4:40 am via Asiana Airlines. Since I knew that I didn't have to go to work, I wasn't in such a rush to get through customs, get my luggage, and find my bus. The customs lines were much shorter than they have been in the past, and I was on my way to get my luggage less than fifteen minutes after departing the air craft.

My luggage was surprisingly one of the first off the plane. This is probably because we checked in only about an hour before the flight. I figured since my flight left at 1 am, we could totally get to the airport at 11:30 pm and be fine! I had no trouble! I got on the 5:24 am bus to Mokdong and was back inside my apartment by 6:30.

As I came in I left my bags by the door and booted up my computer. After calling my mom on skype, I thought to myself, "What the hell am I going to do for the next 7 days in my apartment!?" If I had extra money I would definitely go and explore since the weather has been nice this week, however, in an attempt to not bankrupt myself I decided to hang out here and do some things around my apartment.

Here's a glimpse at how day #1 turned out:

8:00 am --- I was in bed watching High School Musical

10:00 am --- Still in bed.....

12:00 pm --- I went to buy water, juice, and a breakfast sandwich which I ended up eating in bed.

2:00 pm --- I was definitely on facebook and watching TV.

4:00 pm --- still in bed....

6:00 pm ----- bed....

8:00 pm ---- bed....

10:00 pm ---- fast asleep in bed!

Day one, as you can see, was quite productive!

The Quarantined Life: Day II

Day two started out very similar to day 1, minus the fact that I didn't start at the airport. I woke up at 4:30 am and went on to my computer to check my email. After twenty minutes or so I decided to give sleep another chance and finally woke up at 7:30 ready to start my day. To my surprise, I turned on the TV and High School Musical 2 was on. I watched it until it finished and decided to eat Mc Donald's breakfast (I was starving since I didn't eat dinner the night before).

Day 2's events:

10:00 am --- breakfast of champions in bed.

12:00 pm --- Oprah and other shows in bed

2:00 pm ---- Skype with Eric (my friend from home)

4:00 pm --- Still on skype (and while on Skype my BOSS called)

6:00 pm --- Skypeee

7:00 pm --- I made fettuccine for dinner!

8:00 pm --- TV in BED

10:00 pm --- PASSED out in BED!

The Quarantined Life: Day III

I definitely took advantage of my time off the first two days. As you can see I did absolutely nothing. Part of me felt like "hey, I could possibly have gotten sick from being on the airplane... so why not do NOTHING!" By the morning of day three I was feeling much more energetic as I am now back on "Seoul time" and feeling acclimated to Korea. I guess that's what living in the "future" does to one!

Day three has gone a little differently. I woke up and checked my email and watched TV until about 11. I ate breakfast, showered, and played online a little more. At about 12:30 I decided that I was going to finally get some pictures on my walls. I went down to the Kodak shop and developed pictures from my trip home. I've had these black card-board frames in my apartment for a while now and I've been meaning to put pictures in them. As I waited for my pictures to be finished I walked to the department store and had a cheeseburger for lunch. The walk was nice as it's about a 15 minute walk and the weather is quite nice right now! After lunch I hit up Coffee Bean for a caramel ice blend and walked back to get my pictures.

Pictures and coffee in hand, I spread my materials on the floor. An hour later I was finished and pretty happy with the results:
It's nice to finally have a focal point on the wall and something neat to look at. After putting the pictures on the wall I decided to start to unpack and clean the remainder of my apartment. I didn't end up touching my suit case, but I did clean my apartment top to bottom. I even took pictures of my apartment to finally share with my friends and family at home. So many people asked about where I lived, so now they can see for themselves!

It's now 7:35 and my plan for the rest of the night is to cook some dinner, shower, and read! Who knows what will happen on day 4 of my "quarantine!"

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