Tuesday, September 08, 2009

16+ Reasons Why my STOMACH Can't Handle Chicago:

I'm back in Seoul after spending a much needed two weeks in the US with family and friends. Overall, the trip went by quickly; but I got to see so many people this time around! This will be the first of many blogs to retell the tales of my life back in the US.

Interesting fact number 1: At 5:40 p.m. on Wednesday, August 26th 2009 I hugged and said good-bye to Jin at Incheon International Airport in Seoul. After a 12.5 hour flight, I said hello to my mom and sister at O'Hare International airport in Chicago at exactly 5:40 pm the SAME day. Cool, ah?
As much as I loved being home, my stomach did not. Here's some reasons why Ray shouldn't live in the US:

Restaurants I ate at during my two-week stink in Chicago:

1. Chili's
2. Olive Garden
3. Subway
4. Mimi's Cafe
5. Ruby Tuesday's
6. Park Grill Chicago
7. Jimmy Johns
8. Chipotle
9. Houlihan's
10. Ed and Joe's Pizzeria
11. Connie's Pizza and Ball Park Franks courtesy of Wrigley Field
12. Pancho Pistola's (Mexican)
13. Destihl Brewery
14. Buffalo Wild Wings
15. Arby's (the only real fast food I had, but I was driving 3 hours and I was starving!)
16. Blackberries Pancake House

Let's not forget the delicious homemade food I ate that my mom cooked or we had at our bbq!