Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 days:

That's right folks, this is the third day that I've had an "on and off" again fever. My fevers have fluctuated between 100.1 and 102.4 since Tuesday.

I finally was able to get in to see a doctor today. She claimed that the fevers were being caused by a bacterial infection in my tonsils. Since I've had a bacterial infection in my tonsils more than 3 times already this year, she recommends that I get my tonsils OUT. eek! I'm sure that is going to go over well with my boss.

Either way, she gave me a shot in the bum and a prescription for five days. Here I thought I was on my way to recovery. I took the pills three times already today, and guess who still has a fever at 5:14 pm?! Yep, that's me.

Maybe it's more serious than just a tonsil infection?? I see a weekend full of rest and sleep in the near future. 

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sarah said...

Ray ray!!! Lord are you okay ????!!!