Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taipei: Thru My Lens

Just a few snaps from my recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan:
  • Picture 1: Jen found in the lonely planet this little cafe called Chocoholic. It was sensational and I definitely recommend you find it if you are ever in Taipei.
  • Picture 2: One of the trees at the Confucius temple. It's a pretty cool shot and makes me excited for Cambodia!
  • Picture 3: Inside the Confucius Temple- it was my favorite, actually.

  • Picture 4: A snap from the Taipei Eye -- an acrobatic show and Peking Opera

  • Picture 5: One of the characters in the Peking Opera. He reminded me of a character from something else, but I couldn't put my finger on who!
  • Picture 6: Me at the Opera wearing a traditional Taiwanese hat.
  • Picture 7: Longshan Temple. One of the more famous ones in Taipei. We went at 5 pm when it was super busy. This is when people bring offerings of: food, flowers, money, etc.
  • Picture 8: Inside the Taipei 101. This picture was taken with the wind damper. Yes, you may ask "What the heck is that" -- it's used to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts of wind.
  • Picture 9: A view of the busy street from the world's tallest building.
  • Picture 10: Taipei 101 from a distance. The World's tallest building since 2004.
  • Picture 11: Memorial Hall
  • Picture 12: Tien-Ho Temple. It said in the lonely planet that "if you blinked your eyes, you might miss out on Tien-Ho". We loved it!


sarah said...

i want to go to taiwan! `cept i have had bad reviews from a friend. you know when you hear bad stuff from one person and then your whole view is skewed? well, you are changing my view!!!

Ray said...

I'm curious to hear what your friend said.

Many of my friends checked out other parts of Taiwan on our last holiday and they really liked it.

I thought Taipei was a cool city, but I didn't like it as much as Seoul, Hong Kong, or Toyko. What it's lacking is that whole "neighborhood" scence. Like we couldn't find any distinct foreigner area, etc.