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Season Finales: 2009

It's what we live for- 23 or so episodes back to back, except on holidays and nights where major award nights are held. These 23 episodes make up one season of our favorite television shows. Whether your first pick is a comedy, a drama, or a reality show, we all find ourselves glued to our huge plasma TVs at least for one hour a night. 

My favorites come in an assortment of genres- comedies, dramas, and reality. Without much further ado, my first ever critique of the season finales of some of the best shows on prime time.  Beware, if you've yet to see the season finales- you may want to stop reading now: 


Brother's and Sister's: 

Leading up the finale, I thought this season was the best yet. Between Kitty and Robert adopting a baby, Robert having a heart attack, Sarah trying to launch a small Internet company called "Greenatopia", and the introduction of Ryan Lafferty- this season never disappointed. What I love about Brother's and Sister's is how smart it is and how relate-able the characters are. While you may think that no family can be as crazy as the Walker's, I think all our families are a little bit like the Walker's. 

However, I never was fond of Tommy and what he did with the money at Ojai to get Holly out. I hated that he left Julia and their child and went to Mexico. It was all a little too fantasy if you ask me. This is primarily the reason why I was not a huge fan of the finale. For starters, why wasn't it two hours long?! It was noble of Nora to go to Mexico to try to rescue her adult son from whatever mess he created, however, it was unrealistic when the entire Walker clan hopped on a plane and headed to Mexico.  

I was hoping to see something more dramatic happen with Kitty and Robert. I was hoping that Kitty would come to her senses and leave Robert. He is never going to love her the way that he loves his job in the political world. Can a politician really love anything more than his career? The character of Alex was perfect, and the bond that he and Kitty shared was so special. I couldn't help but fall in love with him, just as Kitty was beginning to.  It will be interesting to see how things pan out.  

Overall, the season finale fell short compared to others. I was hoping for more, and I was left disappointed. The season as a whole definitely gets an "A", but this finale barely scores a "C". 

Ugly Betty: 

It's crazy to think that when Ugly Betty first aired, I hated the show. I couldn't stand MODE magazine and the cheesy characters. I never gave Ugly Betty a chance, and when I finally did, I could never turn back. Betty is one of the most real characters out there. I think we all wish we could be more like Betty, but are afraid to say it out loud. 

The 2 hour season finale definitely didn't disappoint. I think the first half was better than the second half- but that is just my critique. 

I was thrilled when Betty decided to move on from Henry. While I secretly loved Henry and never wanted him to move to Tucson, I also rooted for Gio in season 2. I was sad to see them both go. When Betty met Matt at YETI in season 3, I saw the sparks before they even existed-- although for a short time I thought she was going to have a fling with the musician who lived across the hall. Anyways, her and Matt were so right for each other, even when the truth started to come out- him being rich, having a famous father, having sex issues, etc. 

When Daniel met Molly I never expected her to get cancer. But then again, we never expect any of the drama to happen. I was happy that Molly went after Daniel, and I was even happier that they got married the night of Betty's YETI project. However, I am terrified to see what happens next. Is she really gone or was it a crazy mix up? What will happen to Daniel? 

More importantly, what is going to happen to Betty?! I really want things to work out with her and Matt. Is it fair for Matt to end it with her because he's not her first love? Having been in love more than once myself, I can completely relate to how Betty feels. It is possible to still love your first love even when you're in love with someone else. I'm glad Betty got the Feature's Editor job and I surely hope she gets the boy too. 

Overall, two thumbs up. 

Grey's Anatomy: 

I will admit that there was a point in this season where I stopped watching Grey's- so I missed a few episodes here and there, however, toward the end of the season I was back to downloading it weekly on itunes. Let's simply focus on the finale. Wow. 

I had read an article in February about the chance of Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight leaving the show. Being two of my favorite characters on Grey's, I was horrified to see what would happen to the show without there being Izzie and George. Unfortunately, since I read that article I knew that the writers were going to have to do something out of the ordinary to write both of them off the show. First, Izzie gets cancer and it continues to spread despite surgeries and then George decides to join the Army. At the end of the finale though, there were no time of deaths called. There is still hope that our leading couple will be back for the next season. 

I was blown away when Meredith realized that George was the "John Doe". It didn't really hit me that it could possibly be him until Dr. Bailey went to the chief to find out where George went. She shares her plan of action with the Chief and he tells Bailey that he let George go home to spend time with his mother. This is where it started to make sense for me. Right as George wrote 007 into Meredith's palm, my heart beat faster and tears rolled down my face. 

On a happier note, Meredith decides to marry Derek (something we've wanted since they met at the bar in the first episode of season 1). Her and Derek exchanged vows over a Post-it note as a cheesy song played in the background. Simple and beautiful, maybe this is a new beginning for the both of them. Even Christina got a happy ending?! 

Other than leaving us shocked with the ending, I thought the finale was a success. I really liked the play back to Izzie in the prom dress from the night Denny dies. I was expecting the door to open and it be Denny, but as you know, we see George instead. What this means is still to be determined, but we know that Izzie didn't get off the elevator. She,  very much like Meredith, is a fighter. With that said, I'm not patient enough to wait to see what happens next. 

Also, did anyone see the Pilot episode of Glee!? I enjoyed it, what did you all think? 

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Oh, gosh, fortunately I stopped just in time! I watch Grey's Anatomy (episode 5) and B&S (haven't started the last season yet) and love them both. Nevertheless, I'll come back to your post after I've finished : )