Thursday, March 19, 2009


Random funnies from this week:

It's always fun to work with ESL kids.

It doesn't matter how many times I tell my class that my name is Mr. Kirby, they still choose to call me "teachhhhhhhhha". It's especially fun when all twelve of them are screaming "teachhhhhaaaa" at the same time!

Even when I wear a sweater and my arms are covered, my kindy kids still find a way to lift my sleeves and eat my arm hair. I'm not sure whether or not they are starving, or just that amazed at how I actually look like a monkey.

Two weeks ago on the first day of school, I walk into the classroom to twelve new six year old students. I say, "good morning Cashews" and one of their responses was "Good Morning Mosquito Monster Teacher!" I had to put that to rest immediately. Mosquito Monster, seriously?

This past week we were learning about life cycles in kindergarten. I had just shown them a video of a frogs life cycle and started to talk about the life cycle of a butterfly. I introduced egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. Two seconds later Jeffrey says, "I know what a Pupa is!" and I said, "Why don't you share with the class then" --- Take a wild guess what Jeffrey did next!? He put both of his hands inside of his pants and grabbed his crotch! He was like, "It's my PUPA teacher! It's my Pupa!" I had to bite my lip, otherwise I would have laughed uncontrollably. I immediately sent Jeffrey to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Every day before lunch we have to go and wash our hands. This process is usually a nightmare, but I always get a laugh out of it. The boys have no shame when they pee, let me tell you. I always find it amusing how they drop their pants to their ankles and all share 1 urinal. I'm just curious if the moms had a "potty training club" where they taught the kids to go to the bathroom together!

Billy, one of my kindy kids was really excited last week. I taught the kids the "apples and bananas song" --- it's a real crowd pleaser. Anyways, he must have never heard of it, because afterwards he was so excited that he came and gave me a huge hug and decided to lick my face like he was a dog. It was rather gross, but it made for a good laugh later on.

Ok, one last one. Clara, who has to be one of the sweetest six year olds ever is quite curious about our bodies. Last semester she told Reuben that he had a beard in his nose. Anyways, I was sorting books, getting their writing books ready to go into their backpacks. As I bend over, I feel some cold hands on my legs. Clara was on the floor with her hands on my legs. All of a sudden I hear, "Everyone, Mr. Kirby has a beard on his legs!!" Of course I had to laugh, as it really was funny!

See, I told you that ESL was fun!

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sarah said...

ESL is like being in a reality show... sometimes i think someone is filming me for the enjoyment of other people :p

i will be in tokyo then too!! yeah!