Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time of Your What?!

Sometimes I think that time goes by way too fast, but then there are other times that I just wish it'd hurry up. This is probably something we all experience, huh?

Sometimes it's crazy to think that I have actually lived in Korea for 18 months. And even more crazy that I'm 24 years old. I remember being in second grade and moving to our first house. I remember having to help my dad rake leaves, and pick weeds out of the landscape that scattered in front of our home. How I hated doing these things then, but how I wish I could spend that quality time with my dad now.

My teaching contract is done in March, but I think I'm staying until July to pack away some extra money...

I hope time continues to go fast, but then once I'm settled back in America I hope it slows down!

I really need to get going on this teachers cert stuff in America. ugh!

1 comment:

sarah said...

i have been in japan for about the same amount of time ... and it never feels like i have been here for more than about 7 months max... where the heck does all the time go??!